Xenia Declaration

What is the Xenia Declaration?

Xenia is Greek for “guest-friendship”, the ancient Greek virtue of hospitality. We may recognize modern words deriving from it, the most notable being “xenophobia”, which is the fear of strangers and foreigners. Xenophobia is, in many ways, the opposite of the virtue of xenia. Zeus is sometimes called Zeus Xenios, or protector of travelers. He protected the religious obligation to be hospitable to strangers, and for said strangers to be hospitable in return.

This is a declaration in a similar spirit of the Declaration 127 in modern Heathenry, except for those of us who are modern Greek polytheists.

Individuals, groups on social media, and Hellenic pagan/polytheistic organizations are encouraged to add their own signature of support. The hope is that this will be an international effort of all diverse traditions and ideas among all of us. It is likely that the one thing we all have in common is that we honor the Greek gods. But that alone should be enough.

We the undersigned resolve the following: In the spirit of xenia, all those who have differences from any one of us are welcome to honor the gods with us.

Those who are LGBTQIA+ are welcome.
Those of all genders (including genderfluid, non-binary, agender, etc) are welcome.
Those of different ethnicities, races, locales, and backgrounds are welcome.
Those who are neurodivergent, including those who are autistic, are welcome.
Those who have disabilities including mental or physical conditions, are welcome.

In the spirit of true xenia, all who act in guest-friendship are welcomed. We will not support, join, affiliate, or work with any and all groups as long as they have any discriminatory policies or practices, as such practices are not in accordance with the virtue of xenia.


Individuals, groups on social media, and organizations related to the worship of the Greek gods are encouraged to add their signatures to this declaration.

If you are an individual who wants to sign, go here.

If you are an organization, social media discussion group, or otherwise represent a specific body of people, go here.


The above declaration has been approved by the following organizations and online groups:

Groups online:

The Blackthorne School
Hellenic Faith
Hellenic Pagan (Discord)
Hellenic Pagan (Facebook)
Hellenic Pagan (MeWe)
Hellenic Polytheists (Discord)
Hellenismos Suggestions (Tumblr)
honorthegods (Tumblr)
honorthegods (WordPress)
/r/Hellenism (Discord)
Societatea Păgână – Facebook
United Hellenismos Association (Facebook)


United Kingdom and Ireland

Hellenic and Classical Polytheists and Pagans, UK and Ireland (Facebook)

United States

Central Arkansas Pagans and Witches – North Little Rock, Arkansas
Children of the Wild – Waterville, Maine
Jacksonville Pagan Pride Alliance – Jacksonville, FL
Oran Mor Artisan Meadery – Oregon
Pandemos  – Santa Clara County, California
Portland Hellenic Polytheists – Portland, Oregon
Sanctuary: Realms of Spiritual Growth – Jacksonville, FL
Serenity Coven & Grove, Blue Star Tradition of Wicca – Rochester, NH