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591 thoughts on “Xenia Declaration – Individual Signers

  1. As a follower of Hellenic gods, I support the virtue of hospitality towards all who are of good intent. Hestia welcome all who would sit by the warmth of Her hearth fire.

  2. Duncan Brennan says:

    I, Duncan Brennan, of the Heathen Traditions wish to join my Brothers, and Sisters of the Hellenistic Traditions to renounce hate and discrimination.

  3. I, electronically known as Liese Swann, agree with the sentiments of the Xenia Decalaration and support it wholeheartedly. Hate has no place in our ancient faiths.

  4. Evren, devotee of the ecstatic and tripartite Lord Bromios, signs and agrees completely with the Xenia Declaration. May the virtue of Themis and the guidance of Nemesis guide our community through these dark times.

  5. Siren Chthonia says:

    I, Siren Chthonia, student, worshiper and witch of our beloved hellenic pantheon, fully agrees with and endorses the Xenia Declaration. My hearth is open to everyone.

    • Charles Tachtos says:

      Charles Tachtos, queer witch, writer of Witchus Canadia and devotee of Lord, Lady and Godx Dionysus, agrees and signs with the Xenia Declaration

    • I am in full support of the Xenia declaration and hope to speed this to my fellow Hellenists. (I’m using my username because I’m not out yet)

    • Silviu Pop, Dionysian Hellenist, President and founding member of the Pagan Society. I accept and fully support the Xenia Declaration!

  6. Rev. Ayliah Amber Cannon says:

    As a member of the LGBTQIA community, and Chief of Hellenic Kin of ADF, I sign this in full support and encourage all ADF members to follow in my example.

  7. Chloe Smith says:

    I, Marissa Memori, Draconian Hellenist and Follower of the ways of Hekate, Dionysos and the rest of their pantheon, accept the Xenia Declaration

  8. I, Daniel Boschet, devotee to the Gods, @inlightofolympus on Tumblr, full-heartedly accept and sign the Xenia Declaration.

  9. my name is Jason Morrison, I am a Zeus devotee whom one day will reach the title of Hierophant, and me and the temple I will one day build will stand for the Xenia deceleration.

  10. Tesa Clawson says:

    I, Tesa Clawson, accept and fully support the Xenia Declaration. May the gods see to my punishment if I fail to uphold the declaration.

  11. I, Leah, also knows as “theladyoflove” on Tumblr, happily and proudly sign and support the Xenia Declaration!

  12. I, Snowy Equinox, support and sign the Xenia Declaration and will withhold these values on my Tumblr daughterofthegoldenandthesilver

  13. I sign this declaration with the intent of a pure-heart, to expand my connection to others and share our combined experiences. I sign believing that committing myself to this pledge is in accordance with my goals surrounding Arete.

  14. I, Rory C., an atheist from the Netherlands sign the Xenia Declaration, in agreement with the message and intent stated. Not convinced of any deities, but definitely convinced we should stand together and make the world a better place.

  15. I support the Xenia declaration, who are we to try to gatekeep the divine? That’d be awfully arrogant of us to try, wouldn’t it?

  16. Welcoming and being kind to visitors and strangers is an important part of not only Pagan but human belief. It is so often the poorest among us who practice this whilst the rich and the selfish rarely do. Treat everyone with dignity and kindness until they show they don’t deserve it. Give everyone a second chance if you can. Be kind.

  17. Tawnis Commanda says:

    I used to be the kind of person who likely wouldn’t have signed this. I didn’t understand the need for this kind of inclusion however over time and watching bad things happen to myself and others for unchangeable facets of who we are, I realize how necessary this is. In the past few years, I changed and grew up much. Ancient Greek culture had many things that in modern society don’t fly well but if this religion is to survive into the future it will have to meet the needs of modern society. I believe for that society to be healthy this kind of inclusion is necessary.

  18. Renegade the Unicorn says:

    I, Renegade the Unicorn, hereby support and sign the Xenia Declaration as a devotional act to Zeus. We must fight hatred in all its forms to keep polytheism from falling into the same traps organized religion has.

  19. Εγώ, Αναστασία Λέκκα, υποστηρίζω τη Διακήρυξη του Ξένου ως πιστή των θεών και των Ελληνικών αξιών.

  20. I, Jade Stark, fully support this declaration of Xenia being a Norse Pagan wishing the best for our Hellenist practitioners.

  21. Merrow Little Fox says:

    I Merrow Little Fox, devotee of Hekate fully accept and support the Xenia Declaration. I promise to carry it’s spirit and ethos forward in both my life and any groups I run.

  22. I accept the Xenia Declaration (as it is written at the time of my signing) as a follower of Hestia and a devotee of Dionysus. And I wholeheartedly support the spirit in which it was created.

  23. Pentrose Elson says:

    Though I know not yet which path is mine to follow I, Pentrose Elson, fully support the Xenia Declaration.

    • Cristian Ferreira says:

      I, Cristian Ferreira, reaffirm my commitment to the Xenia Declaration as a Wiccan and devotee to the Gods of my ancestors.

  24. Delaney Daur says:

    I, Delaney Daur, proudly sign the Xenia Declaration (as it is written at the time of my signing) as a Greco-Roman polytheist and devotee to Hades and Persephone.

  25. I hereby sign these declarations and fully agree. I am a Hellenic Pagan, Hera Devotee and worshiper of other Theoi.

  26. Samantha Kaitlyn Gust says:

    I, Samantha Kaitlyn Gust willingly of sound mind-body, and soul sign, accept and support the Xenia Deceleration.

  27. I, Robert Lee Brown, fully support and whole heartedly agree with the Xenia Declaration with every fibre of my being. I can be found across the web under various versions of the name SuileBhride. I’m Suile-Bhride on Tumblr, and suilebhride.poetry.blog on WordPress, though I need to actually work on getting that location fully up and running!

  28. I, Robert Lee Brown, the person behind the Suile Bhride brand, agree with and embrace the Xenia Declaration with every fibre of my being! Hail Demeter and Persephone! Hail the Theoi as a whole! May hospitality, common decency, and similar concepts always be embraced and allowed to thrive!

  29. inprisonforsparkling says:

    I, Oliver (inprisonforsparkling on tumblr), newbie Hellenic Polytheist, sign and fully support the Xenia Declaration.

  30. I, Laura Bernardo Ferrari, Brazilian, woman and member of the LGBTQIA+ community and devotee of Artemis, Hestia and Athena, support and fully sign this declaration

  31. I, Flying Squirrel, known aoidetically as Dan o’ Shanter, do hereby swear upon my honor as a faerie knight and pandikaiosynē ally, to uphold the principles of xenia in letter AND in heart, embracing and commiting to all that is stated in its Declaration.